Who We Are

Apex Yarn Dyeing Limited (AYDL) started commercial production in January 2003. AYDL is producing dyed yarn for the knitting and weaving factories and sewing and embroidery thread for readymade garment manufacturers. AYDL has the production capacity of high temperature and pressure rapid yarn dyeing machines of different sizes along with soft cone winding and rewinding machine with waxing device. AYDL uses high-efficiency rapid dryer with vacuum suction hydro-extraction, and twisting, lubricating and spooling machines for sewing/embroidery thread. AYDL is continuously striving hard to dye the yarn as per international standard by reducing the processing time, delivery lead time, and re-dyeing rate. We also endeavor to make optimum use of dyes and chemicals by reducing wastage and process loss.

AYDL is fully compliant with international labor and environmental standards. Apex Yarn Dyeing is committed to avoiding the use of dyes and chemicals that are a health hazard and harmful for the mankind and environment. We safeguard the environment and fully treat all effluent.

What we do

Apex Yarn Dyeing Limited (AYDL) presently has a production capacity of 4,200 MT per year. Apex Yarn Dyeing Limited produces dyed cotton, nylon, polyester, and cotton-polyester blend yarn. We also produce 14 million cones of sewing & embroidery thread per year for the export-oriented RMG industry in Bangladesh. We are equipped with technologies like compressed air for soft cone winding and rewinding system, high-pressure steam for bleaching, dyeing, washing and drying, and soft water steam generation system for dyeing and washing.

All production at AYDL is of OEKO-TEX 100 standard, is ISO 9001:2000 certified, and fulfills all BSTI requirements.

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