Quality Assurance

We believe that Quality is everything, and for that we have established quality control standards which covers all the work from controlling efficiency for the purpose of guaranteeing the required quality of the buyers and in order to optimize the cost involvement of all the process needed to manufacture the product. It covers the stages starting with procurement of quality yarn, dyes & chemicals, mixing the liquor, laboratory testing for shades and color fastness, process control, inspection and packaging, and ending with delivery. High degree of quality will be maintained by using high quality automatic machinery and well-trained dyeing masters and experienced textile chemists.

Testing Laboratory

Sewing thread accounts for around 1% of an item’s total mass. However, its importance to the longevity of the garment cannot be overstated. High-quality fibers and fabrics will be wasted without the right quality thread and sewing methods designed to hold items together without fraying, unraveling, or losing dimensional stability.

Sewing threads must stand up to an extremely high-speed sewing process without becoming warped or weakened in the process. The integrity of the sewing thread can be measured with a range of physical and chemical tests and the best way to guarantee quality to customers is with the help of guaranteed lab testing. To facilitate this, we have established an in-house laboratory with modern equipment for sample testing. We also have the technical capability to carry out any sophisticated textile testing.

Technical Advisory Service

Our Technical Advisory Services team collaborates with brand owners and manufacturers at every stage. We offer a range of services that enhance both our reputation as a quality provider of not only industrial sewing thread but solutions as well. Those solutions are aimed at reducing our customers' issues on the factory floor.